About Factory

In the dynamic world of chemical manufacturing, our company stands out as a beacon of excellence and innovation. We specialize in producing high-quality chemical raw materials, and our factory is designed to deliver unmatched advantages in this ever-evolving industry.

Cutting-edge Laboratories:
Our commitment to quality and innovation is embodied by the presence of over 10 advanced laboratories within our factory. These laboratories serve as the epicenter of our research and development efforts. Equipped with the latest analytical instruments and staffed by skilled scientists, these labs are where groundbreaking discoveries and formulations take shape.

5000 Square Meters Factory:
Situated on a spacious 5000 square meters of prime industrial real estate. This expansive facility allows us to house the latest production equipment, raw material storage, and quality control processes, ensuring the efficient and effective production of our chemical products.

Chemical Specialist:
At the core of our operations are the more than 80 chemical experts who bring their knowledge and experience to the forefront. These professionals are the backbone of our success, with diverse expertise ranging from organic chemistry to material science. Their collective intelligence and years of experience drive our ability to innovate and produce high-quality chemical materials.

At our factory, we specialize in the production of a wide range of chemical raw materials. These products are formulated and manufactured with precision, ensuring they meet the highest industry standards. Our dedication to research and innovation, our spacious and efficient facility, and our team of experts all combine to make us a premier destination for all your chemical raw material needs. 

Our Factory

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